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  • £3,095.00 +VAT

    Stage 2 kit

    The most powerful and tractable Stage 2 kit available for the M3W.

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  • £1,695.00 +VAT

    Stage 1 to Stage 2 Upgrade

    Upgrade kit for owners of G56 Stage 1 cars who wish to upgrade to G56 Stage 2.  Owners wishing to upgrade a standard car require the G56 Stage 2 kit. 

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  • £1,600.00 +VAT

    Stage 1 kit

    Addressing both the intake and exhaust, the ‘Spitfire’ Stage 1 kit maximises air flow to give significant power increase. Rated 5/5 by MOG Magazine.

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  • £1,433.34 +VAT

    Stage 1 kit (without air filter cover)

    The ‘Spitfire’ Stage 1 kit (without air filter cover, for customers who already have a performance air filter system fitted) maximises air flow to give significant power increase.

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  • £1,250.00 +VAT

    Carbon-Kevlar Mudguard Kit

    Lightweight, rust proof and longer life mudguards, significantly improving ride and handling.

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  • £191.67 +VAT

    Air filter cover

    ‘Spitfire’ inspired carbon composite air filter cover, featuring a larger diameter cover with unique intake scoop.

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  • £28.00 +VAT

    Exhaust AV Mount Kit

    Complete kit of exhaust AV mounts as used on the G56 Stage 1 kit.

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  • £19.60 +VAT

    Trackrod End & Boot

    Trackrod & boot for the earlier ‘bolt through’ arrangement cars. A high specification replacement track rod end, utilising a high strength, corrosion resistant Chrome Molybdenum body encasing a Teflon®/Kevlar® lined ball. The trackrod end also includes a dust boot, further reducing the chance of dirt ingress and increasing bearing life. Our trackrod end offers the best […]

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  • £16.67 +VAT


    Morgan 3 Wheeler inspired cufflinks.  The more formal attire embellishment for the road-dirt coated face and big grin of a 3 wheeler enthusiast.

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  • £10.00 +VAT

    Bonnet fastener ejector spring kit

    Springs that fit under the bonnet fasteners, making removal and fitting of the bonnet less fiddly.

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  • £4.17 +VAT

    Pin Badge

    Morgan 3 Wheeler inspired pin badge, the perfect adornment for clothing, bags and hats!

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  • £0.00 +VAT

    Cookie cutter free download

    Garage 56 3 wheeler cookie cutter free download

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