Carbon-Kevlar Mudguard Kit

G56 Mk2 Carbon Kevlar Mudguard

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Lightweight, rust proof and longer life mudguards, significantly improving ride and handling.

Product Description

Standard Morgan 3 Wheeler mudguards are steel items which are heavy (3.1kg each) and prone to fatigue and rust.  Being attached to the upright, the mudguards are also ‘unsprung’ weight.  This means that they significantly affect the way the wheels change direction or ride over bumpy surfaces.

Garage 56 has developed an all-new kit of carbon mudguards, weighing just 0.8kg each and featuring a carbon-Kevlar inner skin for stone resistance. They are therefore significantly lighter, offer superior longevity and won’t rust.  They also feature unique features, including louvres on the inside panels to mate modern technology with traditional styling detail.

How do they improve the handling?  The ride quality over potholes and bumps is significantly improved, and the steering ‘weight’ is reduced through the steering wheel, combining to make the car more settled and feel more agile.  However, don’t just take our word for it: one possible test that potential buyers can do is remove their stock mudguards and see how the car handles (obviously ensuring such running is conducted in accordance with local legislation).  This test is quite enlightening, and highlights the type of benefit the purchaser can expect.

The kit contains a pair of mudguards and all fasteners required to fit to the Morgan 3 Wheeler. 


Additional Information

Weight 3.8 kg
Dimensions 83 × 21 × 64 cm

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