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Garage56 Carbon air filter cover

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‘Spitfire’ inspired carbon composite air filter cover, featuring a larger diameter cover with unique intake scoop.

Product Description

*New for Summer 2020*

Uniquely developed for the Morgan 3 Wheeler, the Garage56 carbon e-glass air filter cover is the only carbon composite air filter cover specifically designed and developed for the M3W.

Maintaining the signature G56 chin scoop inspired by the legendary WW2 ‘Supermarine Spitfire’ fighter plane, the cover  features a larger opening and curved scoop to carefully channel air directly into the air filter. The new profile is also a slightly larger diameter than the standard item, therefore giving potential for better airflow distribution across the filter.

When combined with free following exhaust as found in the Garage56 ‘Spitfire’ Stage 1 kit) the design gives a real power gain.  The larger opening and curved scoop carefully channel air directly into the air filter, and the slightly increased diameter better distributes the airflow across the filter.


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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 37 × 27 × 19 cm


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Will the air filter cover give a performance gain?

In developing the ‘Spitfire’ air filter cover, Garage56 dyno tested a range of air filter & filter cover variants.  Tests ranged from no air filter and cover at all (to ascertain restriction-free potential) to a wide spread of S&S aftermarket and Garage56 bespoke options.  The performance limitation of a standard Morgan 3 Wheeler was found to be in the standard exhausts. I.e. the power of a stock vehicle was not found to change with air filter and cover changes, even if manufacturers found gains in other uses of S&S engine.

Therefore customers should only expect a performance gain when used in conjunction with an exhaust change, such as with the Garage56 ‘Spitfire’ Stage 1 Kit.


How do I install it?

Use a 4mm Allen Key to undo the screws on the standard air filter cover.  Remove and store the previous air filter cover and screws.  Apply 243 Loctite® on the newly supplied button head screws, offer up the G56 carbon air filter cover and loosely fit all four screws.  Final torque screws to 50 in-lbs.


Why is it solely a cover, rather than filter and cover?

Testing showed the standard Morgan 3 Wheeler air filter element to be a high quality, low loss, filter element.


Can I upgrade to the Garage56 ‘Spitfire’ Stage 1 kit after buying the air filter cover on its own?

Yes, customers can specify the Stage 1 kit at a later date without air filter cover, with a discount on kit cost.  Contact us for more information.