About us

Garage 56 was born out of Performance Projects Ltd, founded in 2010, which helps other motorsport companies with their projects. The owners, Chris and Terence, were keen to promote the company, they do lots of interesting work on cars ranging from Formula 1 to bespoke road cars, but because virtually all their projects were secretive, had very little they could talk about. So, they challenged their team to develop a “demonstration project”. The Morgan 3 Wheeler was chosen: it’s iconic, it’s British, and almost everyone loves it.

A 3 Wheeler was bought and assessed. Dyno testing revealed a big step in performance could be had with a “Stage 1” kit. It was the sort of upgrade many 3 Wheeler owners wanted, it would be a shame to keep this as just a marketing project: Garage 56 Ltd was launched, the first product being that great performance upgrade.

And why is it called Garage 56? It’s named after an entry at the Le Mans 24 hour race, for a car that uses a novel technology or design.