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Garage 56 3 wheeler cookie cutter free download

Product Description

At last, you can have a 3 wheeler and eat it.

This is the Garage 3 wheeler cookie cutter free download for 3D printers.

Extensively tested, the Garage 56 3 wheeler biscuit’s aspect ratio makes for excellent dunkablity.
Furthermore, each biscuit looks big but has a deceptively svelte surface area: you don’t get quite so fat eating each biscuit.

Note: this download is for personal use only, and is not to be uploaded to any other website, modified, or used as basis for further modelling.


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Will this make may biscuits go faster?
Off your plate, yes.

How does this file download work?
Add the download to your basket. At the checkout, you’ll need to fill in your details. This download is free, there’s no need to enter payment details.
Once completed, a link for the file will be emailed to you, as part of a confirmation email. It is a .zip file, containing a .stl file, the common format used for 3D printers.

The email with the download hasn’t appeared?
Do check your junk or spam folder. Email systems can get a bit wary of emails with links in them.

What 3D printer settings should I use?
The cookie cutter is designed to be printed with the flat surface facing down on the bed plate.
The default settings on our printers work fine. Check the support angle is set to more than 65 degrees so that no support structure is required.

What material should I use?
Commonly used PLA is fine: the downside is that it is not great over 60 degrees Celsius, so don’t put it in a dishwasher!

Any baking tips?
Roll out the dough to about 6mm ( 1/4″) thick: this will be just thick enough for the detail features to show.