Ohlins monotube dampers for M3W

Tuesday 26th of September 2017 at 16:01

The Morgan 3 Wheeler has been supplied with a number of types of damper during its production life.  Some variants have had good feedback, some not so good.    However, world leading manufacturers Ohlins offer the best option of them all.

The dampers are a monotube design, utilising a single damping adjuster with spring pre-load adjustment via threaded platforms. The kit has been developed to maximise ride quality.

“Fantastic! Made a big difference. Much smoother ride. More compliant. Told all the guys in the club to sell their grannies and buy some.”

“The wee car now sails happily over bumps that used to upset it severely and at speeds that have surprised quite a few people already.”

The kit retails for £2,308.33 + VAT.

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