Mk 2 Carbon Kevlar Mudguards released

Friday 23rd of April 2021 at 10:04

Following the success of the Carbon Kevlar Mudguards, Garage56 are please to announce the next generation variant.

Weighing in at around 0.8kg per side, and removing the need for metal stays, the all-new design is even lighter than previous and offers a cleaner design.

The mudguards kit will retail at £1250+VAT, and be available from mid-May.

Key statistics:

  • 0.8kg per side, compared to 3.7kg per side for standard steel mudguards
  • Carbon-kevlar construction for maximum durability, removing the rust and fatigue issues of the standard steel units
  • Significant improvements to ride control over bumps and changes in direction

For further information, register here.

Available direct from Garage 56, or from European agents M3W Services.